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We started off running a facebook page, with this site as a companion.  Facebook, as it turns out, hates fun.  Pages got shut down, people were constantly following Elle and I from page to page.

Then facebook played with the algorithm.  When we posted something to the page, 35 people out of our 25,000 “likes” would actually see anything we posted.

We switched to a group.  We had about 1200 of our 25,000 likes join our group.  Again, Facebook controlling what people see.

Finally, we’d had enough.  We could have made another web page. This one gets a lot of traffic every day, but what we REALLY wanted was the way Facebook used to be, before the facebook police took over and started reporting any single thing.

pic_that_got_us_bannedElle was reported for posting this picture.  As a result, a page was shut down and she received a 24 hour ban.

Racy? Probably.  24 hour ban-worthy and shutting down a page with 25,000 fans?  Come on.  That was ridiculous.

So, we launched our very own social network.  We took all the things we hated about facebook and all the things we loved and made our own.

Elle and I would proudly like to invite you to check out www.recivity.com.  We designed the site to give you everything you got in our secret facebook group, and our pages, for free.  Facebook pays it’s bills (And makes billions in profit) by selling your information and using it to target ads to you.  We promise to never do that.  We’ll never have ads. We’ll never sell your personal information.  We’ll never filter your newsfeed or control what you see. If you feel like your news feed is out of control, that’s up to you.  We give you the tools to decide what you see.

There is a “paid” section.  It’s a bank-breaking $5 per month.  You can also buy by the year $30 (2.50/mo) or $90 for a lifetime membership.  Being a paid member gets you access to the areas of the site where there is no moderation.  You get more photo storage, more uploads, and you get access to the groups section, where anything goes.  There are some great groups already started, and new ones being started regularly.  We have The Wild West, where anything goes. We have groups about cooking and motorcycles and cars and reading.  And titties.  ‘Cause titties.

It costs money to host a site like that.  Anything over the hosting and development costs goes straight to the ladies who contribute in the form of prizes.  For July, we gave away a tee shirt from our store. (about $25).  It’s looking like the August prize is going to be a little bigger.